I like Coffeescript

CoffeeScript does to JavaScript what Markdown does to HTML. It’s more fun to write in, harder to debug, and comes with an unnatural amount of haters.

Why I’m using it:

  • I enjoy and come from a Ruby background.
  • I maintain and code usually alone.
  • It’s easy to read
  • It’s opinionated in the right ways:
    • Indentation over parentheses
    • String interpolation
    • Looping through arrays.

Despite how much I love it, it’s probably not for you though:

Depending on your programming bucket:

  1. New to programming: Should not use it because you would not be able to read other people’s Javascript code as easily.
  2. Coming to Javascript from Python or Ruby - You’re going to love it.
  3. Been developing in Javascript for years. - You’ll hate it as you’ll be forced to learn a new syntax for little gain.

Depending on your work environment:

  1. Working alone – You’ll probably like it.
  2. Working with others – You’ll probably hate it because everyone else is writing in JS.

So only 2 out of 6 options above makes CoffeeScript useful.


  1. There are some great examples from CoffeeScript’s homepage.
  2. https://arcturo.github.io/library/coffeescript/02_syntax.html
  3. Converts Javascript to CoffeeScript