CoffeeScript does to JavaScript what Markdown does to HTML. It’s more fun to write in, harder to debug, and comes with an unnatural amount of haters.

Why I’m using it:

  • I enjoy and come from a Ruby background.
  • I maintain and code usually alone.
  • It’s easy to read
  • It’s opinionated in the right ways:
    • Indentation over parentheses
    • String interpolation
    • Looping through arrays.

Despite how much I love it, it’s probably not for you though:

Depending on your programming bucket:

  1. New to programming: Should not use it because you would not be able to read other people’s Javascript code as easily.
  2. Coming to Javascript from Python or Ruby - You’re going to love it.
  3. Been developing in Javascript for years. - You’ll hate it as you’ll be forced to learn a new syntax for little gain.

Depending on your work environment:

  1. Working alone – You’ll probably like it.
  2. Working with others – You’ll probably hate it because everyone else is writing in JS.

So only 2 out of 6 options above makes CoffeeScript useful.


  1. There are some great examples from CoffeeScript’s homepage.
  3. Converts Javascript to CoffeeScript