Mnemosyne Notebook Review

Mnemosyne named after the greek goddess of memory is a decent Notebook to have with the quality and functionality you would expect from a Japanese company.

Overall it has great features, but the paper is too smooth for my tastes which affect absorption and its ability to resist smudging.


  • Excellent use of space. Since the margin is only on the left side, your ideas are less boxed in. The margin is also where your title, date, and page number goes.
  • All pages are perforated.
  • Ring bindings allow it to fold completely flat. They are also of very high quality.


  • The back of every page is blank. Perhaps for ideas and sketching? I cannot quantify why this feels wrong to me.


  • Heavy ink will bleed a bit.

  • Prone to smudging

  • Paper has a somewhat plastic feel when writing.


Ultimately, your masterwork would not be born here. Leuchtturm has better paper and better touches, like a table of contents, that makes you feel like you are writing with some permanence. Unfortunately, this has a shallow connection between its name, Mnemosyne, and its features.

This is a great notebook that I am not enthusiastic about. 7/10.