Q: How do I market myself?

My talks at Bitmaker tend to generate some amazing follow up emails on how someone could market themselves.

Here’s a recap of the latest email I’ve received on the subject:

  • Writer on social justice issues.
  • Trying to grow a new Facebook page
  • Bulk of time spent writing and book talks
  • Trying to find someone who wants to work on getting writing / first book out into the world.
    • Unpaid.
  • Any advice as to best ways to try finding a person who might be interested in this kind of job?

If you’re interested, DM me and I’ll provide more information and an introduction.

The larger question is how can someone be more visible on the internet and the short answer is to make sure you’re making the best content on the internet and that content is being seen by the relevant community.

The Long Answer:

  1. Build a Blog and connect a Domain and Google Analytics to it.
    1. There are a myriad of choices out there for a blog engine and they’re all pretty good. I personally use Tumblr because it’s free, simple and reliable. Medium is also a solid choice but since you can’t own the traffic, I wouldn’t send any additional users to it.
    2. Don’t use Wordpress.
      1. The time it takes to learn Wordpress tends to distract owners from producing actual value.
      2. Plugins are usually poorly written and have no clear feedback loop when something goes wrong for someone.
      3. Make sure you include the cost of hosting your Wordpress site into the mix.
  2. Pipe the blog posts to marketing / communication channels that your community lives on like Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
    1. There are many tools that’ll help you do this like Zapier and IFTTT
    2. This is important as people tend to treat things as Facebook OR Twitter, X OR Y, rather than, Facebook AND twitter. When you’re doing paid marketing, then the game changes because tracking headaches outweighs many of the benefits from multi-channel marketing.

Rough notes attached: image